3 Furnace Noises You Should Pay Attention To

It is common for a furnace, especially an older model, to produce noises. When the blower is functioning, you will most likely hear a buzzing sound, and you may also hear little popping sounds stemming from the ducts. These sounds are normal, so there is no cause to be alarmed.

On the other hand, if your furnace begins to make loud noises, this is a clear indication that it requires the attention of a professional. Call Dutch Heating & Cooling for furnace repair in Carmel, IN, if you observe the following sounds emanating from your furnace:

Three Furnace Sounds You Should Never Ignore.

Scraping Noises

If there is a problem with the blower wheel, it is conceivable that you will hear scraping sounds coming from your furnace, akin to metal grinding against each other. The noises could result from a loose blower wheel, a damaged blower wheel, or a motor mount. As a result of all of these issues, your furnace may incur significant wear and tear. Call Dutch Heating & Cooling to resolve the issue before it causes additional damage, offering services in Fishers, IN and the surrounding areas.

Banging Noises

Several households have reported hearing loud banging or booming when they turn off their furnaces. If you are also experiencing the same issue, gas accumulation may be to blame. Never disregard loud explosions or booms since they may indicate a severe problem, such as a cracked heat exchanger. Cracked heat exchangers pose a threat to carbon dioxide emissions.

You should immediately turn it off when you hear bangs or booms from the furnace and contact one of our specialists for furnace replacement in Fishers, IN. This issue may also be caused by expanding and contracting air ducts and dirty burners, but only a competent furnace specialist can establish this with certainty.

Clicking Sounds

The existence of a clicking noise usually always indicates a faulty flame sensor or a problem between the gas and ignition. It could indicate that a broken, clogged, or blocked valve prevents gas from escaping. When this occurs, there is a constant clicking sound emanating from the igniter. A dirty or faulty flame sensor is an additional source of clicking, as it inhibits the signal from being relayed to the igniter, thereby preventing it from clicking. If the noise comes from the ducts, it may be due to a loose seam in the ducts, which causes two pieces of metal to click together when air passes through the system. It is also possible that the ventilation system’s ducts are clogged with debris. Regardless of the conditions, it would be best if you had one of our professional’s assist you for furnace repair in Carmel, IN, to take a closer look.


One of the most frequent and expensive mistakes homeowners make is ignoring certain sounds emanating from the furnace. It is quite likely that doing so would result in problems with the furnace, necessitating either extensive repairs or a replacement. Call Dutch Heating & Cooling if you observe that your furnace is not keeping the temperature you have set on the thermostat or if it is making strange noises. We will dispatch one of our specialists to examine the situation. We are here around the clock to assist you if you require immediate assistance for other services, such as furnace replacement. We offer services in Fishers, IN and the surrounding areas.

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