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Noblesville’s history dates back to 1818 when the land, which is now Hamilton County, was purchased by the government from Indians native to this area. William Conner, the only settler living in the area at the time, and his wife, a Delaware Indian, established the first trading post in central Indiana in 1802 and lived in the first log cabin in the area. William Conner and Josiah Polk laid out what is now downtown Noblesville, IN 1823, which was designated as the Hamilton County seat in 1824 and incorporated in 1851. Conner’s 1823 home is now one of a village of historic buildings making up Conner Prairie Pioneer Settlement, a living history museum south of Noblesville, IN Fishers.

Noblesville was named either for James Noble, one of the first two US senators from Indiana, or according to legend, for Lavina Noble of Noblesville, to whom Josiah Polk was engaged.

The Peru and Noblesville Railroad was completed through town in 1851, strengthening the town economically and causing the population to increase. In 1875 work was begun on the town’s second railroad, the Anderson, Lebanon and St. Louis, later known as the Midland.

The city’s first large growth boom came in 1888 with the discovery of Noblesville’s first natural gas well near 11th and Pleasant streets. Many Victorian homes, as well as the vast majority of the Downtown Commercial District, were built during this time of prosperity. The city’s second large growth was particularly recent increasing its population from 28,590 in 2000 to 51,969 in 2010. This growth echoes the increase in the population of much of southern Hamilton County as a preferable place for people to live who enjoy close proximity to the Noblesville area.

Noblesville was once noted for its flour mills, the most widely known of which was the Noblesville Milling Company, producer of Diadem and Kismet flours. In 1925, the manager of the company offered to buy uniforms for the local high school athletic team in exchange for the school adopting the nickname “Millers.” The nickname persists to this day.

Other prominent businesses of the past include the Union Sanitary Manufacturing Company, the American Straw board Company, and Firestone Industrial Products.

Among the notable disasters to have struck the town are the Great Flood of 1913, an interurban wreck on the courthouse square in 1919, and the Goeke fire of 1967. The fire, which began at the Paul Goeke auto dealership just off the square destroyed two buildings and took the life of one firefighter.

The old Hamilton County Sheriff’s Residence and Jail on the southwest corner of the courthouse square in downtown Noblesville is now the home of the Hamilton County Museum of History, but as a working jail, it once housed a teenage Charles Manson.

For Air Conditioning in Noblesville, Fishers & Carmel, IN and the Surrounding Areas, please give us a call today!