Carmel, IN Furnace Repair and Replacement

Furnaces in HVAC systems usually last for around 20-30 years if they are maintained well. However, there are times when you may want to repair or replace them completely, but how do we decide that? 

Let’s Dive In To See Some Of The Common Problems That Require Furnace Repair In Carmel, IN.


  • Furnace Fan Not Working Properly

Furnace fans are usually powered by electricity, and they can fail for several reasons. If your furnace fan is not turning, check if the motor is running. If it’s still spinning but not moving air, the motor may need replacing.

  • Furnace Fan Blades Are Missing.

If your furnace fan has broken blades, replace them immediately. Blades that have been damaged cannot move air efficiently in the HVAC system.

  •  Furnace Filter Clogged

The filters inside the furnaces should get changed regularly. Clogged filters will reduce airflow and cause overheating.

  • The Furnace Is Running Too Hot.

The temperature inside your home can rise significantly due to the heat from your furnace. It can cause damage to the fan blades, motor, and other components of the unit. Get 

  •  The Furnace Is Not Heating Properly.

When the airflow through your furnace isn’t working correctly, the temperature may not reach the desired level. You may need to adjust the thermostat to get the right amount of airflow.

  •  Furnace Making a Loud Noise

If your furnace makes a constant humming sound, it could mean that the blower is malfunctioning. Check the belts and hoses around the blower. Also, make sure that the blower wheel is turning freely. If not, then this may need urgent furnace repair in Fishers, IN.

  • Furnace Overload

If the blower motor continues to run after the thermostat turns the furnace off, it indicates that the blower motor has failed. In this case, the furnace will continue to heat the house until it reaches its maximum capacity. A technician should check the furnace to determine what caused the overload, and chances are it may require a furnace replacement Caramel, IN.

  • Furnace Leakage

When a furnace leaks, it causes moisture to enter the home. It can lead to mold and mildew problems, especially if the leak is not fixed immediately. You may want to have your furnace checked out if you notice signs of water leakage.

  • Blower Motor Failure

If the blower motor fails, air cannot circulate through the cooling coil, and the home’s temperature rises. It can cause the thermostat to turn off the furnace completely. You need to call an expert immediately to repair the issue before any damage occurs when this happens. Get finest heater repair in Fishers at reasonable price.

  • Heat Exchanger Failure

When a furnace fails, the heat exchanger could fail too. If this happens, you’ll notice that your indoor temperature and humidity drop drastically. It means that your furnace won’t be able to keep your home at a comfortable temperature.

If your furnace unit breaks down often, chances are that it wasn’t designed by the best engineers around. You may have heard stories about how some furnaces can burn out occasionally, but you don’t know what causes them to malfunction. Furnace repair services by our team of experts in Carmel, IN, can help you identify the problem and fix it before it becomes worse. We won’t disappoint you!