What Maintenance Service is Required For An Air Conditioner Unit?

Maintaining your air conditioner is a prerequisite if you own one. If you don’t maintain your air conditioning system, it can lead to costly and dangerous problems with the unit itself and other parts of your home or building. Neglecting AC maintenance in Carmel, IN can lower cooling capacity and damage the equipment.

Keeping an air conditioner in good working order requires regular maintenance and service. AC units that aren’t properly maintained or cleaned can overheat and use more energy than necessary. A maintenance appointment for your air conditioner is in order if it isn’t working properly and frequently produces a humid environment.

Comprehensive AC Maintenance Checklist

Preventative HVAC maintenance provides correct care at regular intervals to minimise long-term difficulties. Performing the following tasks in maintenance is critical:

  • Unclog drain

Dirt can clog air conditioner drains, reducing their humidity-controlling ability. Uncontrolled humidity discolours walls and carpets. If the drain is blocked, water inside the AC has nowhere to go and drips into the room. When AC water can’t vent, room humidity rises.

  • Cleaning evaporator coil

Coils are more efficient if they are checked regularly or serviced once a year. Filters that have been cleaned reduce the likelihood of dirt building up on the coils. This buildup diminishes the coils’ heat-absorbing ability, affecting room cooling. Evaporator coil cleaning and AC repair in Fishers are likely required.

  • Inspecting compressor

Compressor problems might be as fundamental as oil buildup due to the compressor cycling on and off. If this is the problem, your air conditioner needs HVAC maintenance. Due to its frequent use, this can assist prevent any harm from occurring.

  • Replacing old filters

Having a dirty or clogged air conditioner filter has to work much harder than if the filter were clean. Changing your filter reduces the strain on your system and lowers your utility costs. Every month, clean the air filters. Clean air filters ensure proper cooling.

  • Checking electrical issues

If needed, a qualified technician will replace the circuit breaker. He’ll remove faulty system elements to prevent further short circuits. The professional worker can also detect and repair problems inside the air conditioner. Electrical components and controls will also be checked and tested to ensure correct operation.

  • Clearing outdoor unit

An air conditioner’s maintenance schedule should include clearing the system’s roof of any leaves, debris, or branches that could cause harm to the outdoor unit. As a result, the cooling process is hampered by the airflow obstruction caused by these particles.

An Annual Tune-Up by an Expert

Your air conditioner needs to be thoroughly cleaned and serviced before the start of the summer season. Avoid the trouble of doing your own maintenance and contact experts experienced in completing all kinds of HVAC services. They’ll take care of all of your maintenance and replacement needs.

Contact Dutch Heating and Cooling to do it for you. Our trained and certified specialists will ensure your system works well and identify any potential problems. Ring us on (317) 399-7839 for great deals for AC replacement in Carmel, IN.

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