Know The Basics Of Handling (And Avoiding) Emergency HVAC Repairs

Know The Basics Of Handling (And Avoiding) Emergency HVAC Repairs

We all prefer to believe that disasters only happen to other people. Unfortunately, as much as we wish for it to be true, this mindset does little to prepare us for the reality of a tragedy. If you’ve ever required emergency AC replacement in Fishers, IN, the middle of summer or the dead of winter, you know the value of planning ahead of time.

That is why, in the case of a severe HVAC failure, it is important to create a fallback option. If it’s too late and you’re in a hurry, here are some simple ways to get your system going at the earliest. However, if you want to be prepared for HVAC crises, here’s what you’d like to know.

Basic troubleshooting

There are several simple measures you may try before calling HVAC companies in Noblesville, to see whether you could get your unit back in operation on your own. Inspect your breakers to ensure electricity hasn’t been turned off if your HVAC system won’t turn on. To begin, supply power to see if it addresses the problem.

If your system keeps tripping the breaker, there’s probably a more serious problem that has to be addressed. Other things to look for include faulty thermostats, clogged air filters that restrict airflow, and debris clogging condensers. A short inspection of these systems may reveal the source of the problem, saving you the cost of hiring an HVAC professional.

Get preventive maintenance

Taking precautions to avert an emergency is the easiest approach to deal with it. You can avoid tragedy by being proactive with your HVAC system. Annual maintenance visits, corrective repairs, and efficiency improvements are all part of a proactive strategy that keeps your HVAC equipment running at optimum efficiency while extending the life of your HVAC investment.

2 tips to avoid emergency HVAC repairs

Regular maintenance

It’s no mystery that routine maintenance will save you from having to call for an urgent HVAC repair. Getting your heating and cooling system inspected by a specialist twice a year will help you avoid severe problems. HVAC companies Noblesville would not only check for problems but will also do preventative maintenance. They’ll oil motors, clean your drains, and clean the coils on your condenser.

Give your system a break

Using your HVAC system less will prevent an emergency repair. Now, we’re not recommending that you switch off your computer entirely. After all, it’s there for your convenience! However, consider how much strain you’re putting on your air conditioning and heating systems. Do you set the thermostat below 70 degrees Fahrenheit on the hottest day of the year? 

When you don’t need the air conditioning, turn it off. Consider your HVAC system to be a car – the more you use it, the more mileage it accumulates. As a result, if you put a lot of stress on your system, it’ll need to be repaired or replaced sooner.

We can help you save money on costly air conditioner repair in Noblesville. To book emergency repairs or schedule an appointment, call us at (317) 399-7839.

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