How To Control Your Air Conditioning Costs This Summer. Choose the Best Air Conditioning Installation Fishers IN

How To Control Your Air Conditioning Costs This Summer? Choose the Best Air Conditioning Installation Fishers, IN

How To Control Your Air Conditioning Costs This Summer? Choose the Best Air Conditioning Installation Fishers, IN.

Another hot summer is right around the corner here in Fishers, IN. Good thing you got the best AC installation in Fishers, IN by choosing Dutch Heating and Cooling LLC. You got the most energy-efficient air conditioning unit for your home. And you are anticipating that first bill from Duke or Ninestar. Before you get hit with a big surprise, here are three ways to help control your energy costs with your new air conditioner.

Solar screens on east and west-facing windows, raise your thermostat setting and don’t bake or cook on the kitchen stove.

Solar Screens

Solar screens are exterior window coverings that are designed to block 80 to 90% of the sun’s UV rays. This can reduce your costs up to 15% depending on the season.

Screens come in multiple colors to match your home’s exterior. Solar screens are typically easy to remove. So when the fall rolls around, they can be removed and stored to let the warm sunlight in for the cold winter.

The added benefit of a solar screen is that they also act as an insect screen. This is a big deal if you’ve ever spent a summer in central Indiana.

Raise Your Thermostat Setting

I know, you purchased an efficient air conditioning unit to keep you cool. And now you are saying to turn up the heat?

Most thermostats are programmable so you can turn up the temperature when you are not home, or while you are sleeping. This way, your air conditioning unit is only using energy to keep you comfortable when you are home and awake.

There are also several newer thermostats that are programmable using an app on your phone. This way, you can control your air conditioner anywhere you have an internet connection. Your kid’s game is going into overtime? You can adjust the temperature programs on the fly to keep your home at the right temperature until you are ready to walk in and enjoy your home.

How To Control Your Air Conditioning Costs This Summer? Choose the Best Air Conditioning Installation Fishers, IN.

Don’t Bake Or Cook In The Kitchen

Your oven is essentially a heater in your kitchen. It may be well insulated in your cabinetry. But each time you open your oven door, you are battling your new air conditioning repair in Noblesville, IN, and making it work double time. Same with cooking on the stovetop.

Cooking outside is a fun way to enjoy all summer has to offer. Keep the heat outside while enjoying the cool indoor eating areas once the meal is prepared. Burgers and ribs may be your first thought when it comes to outdoor barbecue. At the same time, it’s possible to braise, roast, saute and boil outside on the grill.

It may take a little experimentation and creativity to get your outdoor cooking procedures as polished as your indoor procedures. But your family and your guests will appreciate relaxing and enjoying a delicious meal in the comfort of your efficiently air-conditioned home.

You have purchased the best HVAC companies in Noblesville from Dutch Heating and Cooling LLC. Call us at (317) 399-7839 for more tips on how to keep your home cool this summer.

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