How an HVAC Technician Replaces an AC Motor

AC Blower Fan Motor

Inside the air handler in your house is the fan blower that circulates air throughout the building. If this motor fails, neither your air conditioning nor your heating will work until the motor is replaced. This issue is easy to spot as the fan won’t turn on, and thus no air will be coming out of your vents.
A loud squealing noise when the fan is running also indicates a need for replacement. This noise is caused by worn-out ball bearings in the fan. Additionally, a sudden decrease in airflow can signify that the fan motor is beginning to fail.

To replace a blower fan motor, the Dutch Heating and Cooling technician will first shut off the power to your HVAC system. They will ensure all wire connections are tight and the capacitor is functioning. If these are normal, the technician will proceed to replace the motor. If you want AC Replacement in Fishers, IN, visit the website.

The replacement process involves disconnecting the wires from the fan to the control board, removing the bolts or nuts holding the blower assembly, and then sliding out the blower assembly. After removing the old motor and installing the new one, the technician reattaches it to the fan and reinstalls the entire assembly.

AC Condenser Fan Motor

Another fan motor in the AC condenser unit outside your house helps disperse heat absorbed from inside. Signs of failure include loud squealing or rattling noises from the condenser, slower fan blades, or the fan running after the condenser shuts off.
In case of motor failure, the technician will remove the top cover of the unit, disconnect the wiring, replace the motor, and then reattach the fan blades and cover. The system is then tested for proper functioning.

AC Compressor Motor

The outdoor condenser unit also houses a motor that powers the compressor. Symptoms of a failing compressor motor include short cycling or reduced AC system effectiveness. Replacing this motor is complex and costly, involving draining refrigerant, removing the fan assembly and motor, installing the new motor, and recharging the refrigerant.
Given the high cost and complexity, replacing the entire AC condenser unit is often more economical, especially if it is over 10 years old. However, if the unit is under warranty and in good condition, replacing the motor might be more cost-effective.
It’s vital to have all repairs and maintenance performed by a certified technician to maintain warranty validity. Annual professional maintenance is also recommended to prevent motor failures and ensure warranty coverage.

Professional AC Repair, Maintenance, and Installation

If you suspect any issues with your AC system’s motors, the certified technicians at Dutch Heating and Cooling are ready to assist. We provide comprehensive services, including inspections, repairs, maintenance, and installation of various HVAC units, for customers in Fishers, IN, and Carmel, IN. To schedule an AC installation in Carmel, IN, visit the website.

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