Air Filters in Noblesville, IN

Air Filters in Noblesville, Fishers & Carmel, IN, and the Surrounding Areas

Air Filters in Noblesville, Fishers, Carmel, Cicero, McCordsville, Pendleton, Fortville, Ingalls, Lapel, Edgewood, Alexandria, Frankton, Sheridan, IN and Surrounding Areas

The effectiveness of an air filter is based on three foundations:

  1. The placement of the air filter.
  2. The capture ability.
  3. The life span of the air filter.
Air Filters in Noblesville, Fishers & Carmel, IN, and the Surrounding Areas

Air Filter Placement

The placement of the air filter equates to how the filter frame holds the filter in place.  A filter that is hard to put in the furnace, which has to be folded or is only held in by a steel rod, will allow a majority of dust, dirt, animal hair, and debris to float by.  The best choice is a separate box specifically designed for the air filter.  If the air filter frame has all four sides of contact, it will force all air to pass through the air filter and not around it.

Air Filter Capture Ability

The capture ability is the air filter’s rating as to how many airborne particles it can capture as air flows through it.  It is called a “MERV” rating.  The higher the MERV rating, the higher the capture rate.

Air Filter Life Span

The life span of the air filter is determined by either the width of the filter or unique electronic air filtration system design.  For example, a one-inch filter will need to be replaced with a new filter every month.  A five-inch filter will need to be replaced every six to twelve months, and an electronic air cleaner will need to be cleaned periodically for optimal performance.

Recommended Air Filters

Well, that was informative, but what is it that we recommend?  We recommend the five-inch filter with a one-time installation of a filter box.  The five-inch filter captures well over 75% more than a standard one-inch filter and will last at a minimum of 6 to 12 months.  It is more convenient, less hassle, and just worth every Dollar.

Electronic Air Cleaner

Now if you want better, then we recommend the electronic air cleaner. It captures well over 90% more than the standard one-inch filter. It is more pricey, but worth the cleaner air.  There are no filters to replace with that, just periodic cleanings of the electronic cells to achieve maximum particle capture.

Properly Installed Air Filters:

  • It will keep your blower wheel clean.
  • It will keep unwanted dust from building up on your blower motor.  If this happens it will create an extra thermal layer around the windings that will trap unwanted, harmful heat onto your motor.
  • It keeps the evaporator coil and secondary heat exchanger (if applicable) from matting over with dirt, debris, etc.
  • It keeps the ductwork free of buildup that is resistant to airflow while cleaning the air you breathe
  • Airflow is critical to the operation of cooling equipment.  Any slow down or blockage of airflow will affect the operation.  There are several physical characteristics of cooling equipment that have to be met within predetermined ranges.  If one of those physical characteristics is out of range, it affects all the other characteristics.
  • A clogged filter will overheat your gas furnace repair repeatedly thus wearing safety devices and motors out prematurely.  Overly dirty or blocked paths of airflow will either cause your gas furnace to work harder, over-heat, in-efficiently heat, or break down.

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