Why Is It That The Furnace Of My Heater Keep Turning On and Off?

Why Is It That The Furnace Of My Heater Keep Turning On and Off?

Are you facing the problem of frequently turning on and off the furnace? Well, you are not alone since it is a very common complaint by many furnace users. This issue, known as short furnace cycling, can be examined and corrected immediately to reduce the chances of higher utility bills and expensive furnace repairs in future. Ignoring such issues might even cause a furnace replacement.

Common reasons for short furnace cycling

Dirty air filters

Dirty air filters cause poor airflow, which results in short furnace cycling. If you don’t clean or replace your air filters on time, the dirt particles clog the air filter. Eventually, the heat exchanger overheats, causing more strain on the system. You must change the air filters within 2 to 3 months to ensure the system’s proper functioning. 

 Dirty blower wheel

If your furnace activates on and off quickly, then you should check the blower wheel. The blower wheel contains blades that regulate air; if there’s dirt accumulated on the wheel, it won’t function efficiently or further, won’t work at all. Change your air filters regularly to prevent the dirt buildup on the blower wheel. 

Blocked air supply vents

Closed or blocked vent passages can be another reason for furnaces shutting on and off. Check all the vents, keep all your vents open for proper airflow. If the heat exchanger feels a shortage of air, then it won’t transfer enough heat. This causes the heat to make up and results in a furnace to short cycle.

 Faulty thermostat

Faulty or broken thermostats can end up with various furnace issues. The thermostat regulates the entire heating system of your furnace. So, if the furnace goes on and off too quickly, this might be the sign of a broken or malfunctioning thermostat. Old wiring that needs replacing, drain off batteries or wrong location are other common mistakes with the thermostat.

Avoid placing the thermostat close to direct sunlight or a heat register because it messes up the temperature reading, leading to irregular turning on and off for the furnace. If the batteries for your furnace work fine and the thermostat is still having problems, then contact a technician to replace any old wiring or change the position of your thermostat to an appropriate location.

Flame sensor

A dirty and corroded dirty flame sensor might cause unwanted shutting off of the furnace. A flame sensor makes sure there are flames when the gas valve is open. If the flames are absent, the sensor will shut off the gas valve to prevent the gas from invading your house. A dirty or corroded flame sensor won’t register flames causing the gas valve to turn off. This means the system is shut down. Contact a professional for heater repair in Noblesville, IN if you notice that your furnace is cycling on and off too quickly.

The HVAC contractor will inspect your system for any major repairs or possible replacement of your entire system. We offer incredible professionalism for furnace repair in Noblesville, IN. Perform preventive maintenance check-ups at least twice a year to maintain better working conditions for your HVAC system. For any technical service of the HVAC companies in Noblesville, IN, contact (317) 399-7839

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