Why Is Cool Air Coming From My Heater?

A heater becomes expensive and the most desired home appliance in any household during winter. It can be unsettling when you realise that there is cool air being released from your heater. At this point, only a professional heater repair service can help you. Call Dutch Heating and Cooling LLC for the best assistance in Fishers, IN and the surrounding areas.

According to our experts, a heater blowing cold air in the peak season is not a good sign. As a homeowner, you must address this issue as soon as possible. Several reasons can be involved in this problem.

Top 6 Reasons Your Heater Is Blowing Cold Air.

The Furnace Didn’t Receive a Maintenance Service.

We do not use furnaces throughout the year. As per our furnace installation in Noblesville, IN, every homeowner must service the system twice a year, i.e., once before the season and another after that. If you haven’t maintained your furnace, you might not be getting warm air.

The Thermostat Has Malfunctioned.

We don’t need to explain how essential the thermostat is in maintaining the temperature. If this system has malfunctioned, the temperature distribution can be uneven. Mostly, such a problem arises because the thermostat is set to the on position rather than the auto mode.

There Can Be Damage To The Ductwork.

You might want to inspect the ductwork when the heater gives cold air. If there is a sign of damage to the ductwork, the warm air will escape through that leak, and you will receive cool air instead. If you fail to look after this problem at the earliest, you may even have to opt for furnace replacement. Contact Dutch Heating and Cooling LLC for the best heating assistance in Fishers, IN and the surrounding areas.

Clogged Air Filters.

Air filters are the reason indoors get clean air. It is pertinent to replace the air filters every three months. If you fail to clean the filters on time, dust accumulates and prevents normal airflow. At this point, your furnace may even render overheating problems gradually. Call our reliable furnace replacement in Carmel, IN to help solve this problem.

The Pilot Light May Not Be Lit.

If the gas supply to the furnace chamber is interrupted, the pilot light will not ignite. In such conditions, you may get cold air. You can follow the standard instructions in the furnace manual to reignite the furnace. If the situation persists, you must call our company for a furnace repair service in Carmel.

The Condensate Drain Lines Are Clogged.

Many advanced heating systems come with condensate lines to remove water generated in the heating process. If the drain lines remain clogged, the sensor will be activated to prevent the furnace from turning on.


A heating system may break down at any point. However, your furnace may work efficiently without obstruction if you take preventive measures. At this point, choose a professional service provider like Dutch Heating and Cooling LLC.

Our HVAC service is affordable and professional. We provide nothing but quality service to our clients. Call us at 317-399-7839 to learn more.

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