Why Does My Furnace Stop Working When It’s Cold Outside?

Why Does My Furnace Stop Working When It’s Cold Outside?

We’re all turning on our heating systems for the first time in months now that another cold winter has arrived. Just as our winter coats are being pulled out of storage, warm air will start to flow out of our vents, offering comfort to most of us. However, the heat isn’t as continuous as during last winter’s final few cold days for some of us.

Assume you didn’t perform seasonal furnace maintenance or put your furnace through a test before the winter season by Furnace Replacement in Fishers IN area. In that case, you’d quickly learn you’ve got a problem on your hands during the most inconvenient time. It’s challenging to deal with a furnace repair when the weather is already cold.

When some homeowners turn on their furnaces for the first time at the start of the Kansas cold season, they suffer short cycling.

What does my furnace’s short cycle mean?

The answer isn’t easy to come by. Many factors influences the frequency with which you should changed your air filter from our Furnace Repair in Carmel IN area. What type of folks do you have living in your home? What city are you in right now? Whether you should change your air filter every few months or every few weeks depends on various factors.

The furnace has become too hot.

If your unit becomes too hot, it may switch off automatically as a safety precaution. This short cycle is merely a precautionary measure made by your furnace to prevent the overheating from worsening. However, this safety precaution can only be used for so long until you need to find out why it’s overheating in the first places. An overheated furnace is often caused by inadequate ventilation.

The thermostat is malfunctioning

Your furnace may be running perfectly, but the thermostat creates short cycling. If your thermostat fails, it may send the wrong signal to your furnace, telling it that the desired temperature has been reached, causing it to shut down. Perhaps the thermostat was installed in an area of the house hotter than the rest. Consequently, the thermostat could get the desired temperature ahead of the rest of the house.

The furnace is enormous

Do you have a problem with your furnace’s short cycling once installed? Your furnace may be too large for the size of your home. It’s conceivable that something went wrong with the setup. If such is the issue, do not worry. Our professionals from heater repair in Noblesville, IN are well trained in installing furnaces of the right size for your home.

Preventing short-cycle furnaces and other problems

In addition to changing the filter before the cold season arrives, you need to do periodic maintenance from our HVAC companies Noblesville, IN area. A thorough check of your furnaces to ensures it is ready to heat your home this winter will help you prevent both small and big problems. If you join our HVAC VIP Program, you may ensure that your furnace is in satisfactory working condition. As a VIP member, you will get a discount on timely and skilled maintenance for your heating and cooling equipment. We do preventative maintenance in the spring and fall to guarantee that your HVAC system is in excellent operating condition before you need it. Just call Dutch Heating and Cooling LLC at (317) 399-7839 for  Furnace Replacement in Carmel IN.

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