What is a pre-season heating check?

What is a pre-season heating check?

Your HVAC systems is one of the most important aspects of your comfort at home. As fall and winter approach, we switch from the air conditioner to the heating system. It is important to schedule a pre-season Furnace Repair in Fishers IN at this time to ensure that your heating system is in shape for the upcoming cold season. It will also ensure that your air conditioner is prepared for a long period of disuse.

Having a pre-season heating check performed lets you easily transition from cooling to heating with no stress or problems.

What is a pre-season heating check?

A pre-season heating check is a simple inspection performed by a professional HVAC technician before the start of cold weather to ensure that all components of your furnace are functioning properly. The technician will also clean your system and replace and repair the components if it is required. This ensures that your system will last through the upcoming cold season without breaking down or malfunctioning.

Why is it important?

Given below are a few reasons why a pre-season heating check is beneficial for your system in the long run.

  • Ensures your safety: After being in disuse through summer, there is a high chance that some components of your furnace may have undergone damage. The damage sustained is minor in most cases, but major issues can have lethal consequences. To put things in perspective, a cracked heat exchanger can lead to the league of carbon monoxide gas, which can be fatal. A thorough inspection will reveal any damage before usage and help prevent any accidents.
  • Maintains efficiency: Efficiency reduces with time as a system goes through the wear and tear that comes with use. Consequently, your heating system will require greater power to generate adequate heat. A pre-season heating check ensures that your system operates at peak efficiency through winter, ensuring optimum comfort as well as efficiency.
  • Prevents breakdowns: Even a minor seeming issue can spiral into a huge problem with time. Damage left unattended can cause untimely breakdowns that lead to expensive repairs and replacements—getting your heating system checked before full-time use is an opportunity to identify and fix any problems.

Regular maintenance increases the lifespan of your system, increases its efficiency, reduces energy usage, and prevents the need for costly repairs or replacements. Since it’s so important, enlisting in a pre-season heating maintenance plan is a good idea.

Enlist in the Dutch Quality Assurance Program today and get quality and affordable Heater Repair in Carmel IN at your fingertips. Our pre-season heating check plan includes:

  • Scheduled reminders
  • A free inspection of your system
  • Zero diagnostic charges
  • A discount on repairs and equipment
  • A 2-year warranty period on replaced components and repairs
  • A reduced charge for the second year and onwards
  • A discount plan for multiple homes
  • Reference discounts

At Dutch Heating and Cooling, we believe in providing quality and affordable services to our customers and are dedicated to ensuring their comfort. Contact us today to schedule Furnace Service in Noblesville, IN, or other HVAC system-related services.

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