What Does HVAC Repair Include?

What Does HVAC Repair Include?

There is always a thought that might revolve in your head about what happens in the HVAC repair process. It is quite a normal thing especially when you dial the HVAC contractor Fishers for the first time for HVAC repair!

So, to answer your curiosity and you should have knowledge about the HVAC repair process, we have assembled all the information related to HVAC repair in this article! 

What is HVAC Repair Service? 

When your HVAC system is not functioning appropriately, there might be some fault that is blocking its proper function process. These faults cause discomfort and disturbance in your life.

HVAC repair services are required to resolve all the issues so the HVAC system can go back to its normal function routine. 

What happens in an HVAC repair service? 

When you call HVAC technicians for air conditioner repair in Carmel or heating repair, the technicians follow three vital steps. The three steps in the HVAC repair process are: 

  • Inspection
  • Cleaning 
  • Servicing 

This process differs according to the different HVAC units. Since the components of the HVAC systems are different, that is why the process is different for different systems. 

Repair process for air conditioner 

If you call for the AC installation in Carmel, IN, the technician will follow the following step: 

  • The technician will inspect the AC components like ducts, vents, refrigerant lines, and cabinets for molds, leaks, or damage. 
  • The next step would be to clean the AC’s condenser and evaporator.
  • After the cleaning, the technician washes the drain lines and pans. 
  • If the air filter in the AC is dusty, then the technician will replace the old air filter with a new one. 
  • Then, the technician checks for the humidity levels. 
  • The technician examines the thermostat controls. 
  • After the thermostat examination, the technician checks the working of electrical components. 
  • The technician will also look at the wear and tear of the AC’s motor and compressor.
  • Then the technician will lubricate the AC’s components.
  • Inspection of the AC’s fans, blowers, and blades is also a vital step in the process.
  • If there are any worn pulleys and belts in the AC, the technician will replace them.

Repair process for heating system

Let’s see how the process changes for the heating system when you can furnace repair in Noblesville

  • The technician will begin the procedure by inspecting the furnace components like heat exchangers, ignition systems, and burners. 
  • The technician will check for the dusty air filter and replace it with a new one for better airflow. 
  • Then, the technician will dry the furnace’s pans and drain lines. 
  • The next step leads to checking for the thermostat’s accuracy and replacing the batteries. 
  • The technician will check for the gas leaks in the system. 
  • The final step would be to replace the worn-out furnace components.

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