Types Of Furnaces That Are Best For Your Home

Types Of Furnaces That Are Best For Your Home

There are many types of furnaces to keep you warm during the coming winter season. Choosing the one which suits your needs depends on the area of installation and the fuel source. You would easily find the one available within your budget with so many options available for your home.

Some of the main types of furnaces are oil, natural gas, electricity, and propane. Electric furnaces usually heat the air by exposing heated elements. The other types of furnaces require a chamber or heat exchanger. A thermostat, on the other hand, signals to shut off when the furnace reaches a set temperature.

Natural gas furnace

The older models used to be 65% efficient on average, the most recent ones are at least 98% more efficient. These furnaces are highly economical and are very popular among Americans. Almost 50% of the population uses a natural gas furnace. The usage may vary depending upon the region. 

Oil furnaces

You can find oil furnaces most of the time in the northeastern part of the country. The upfront cost is very much low on an oil furnace. However, it is slightly less efficient than a gas furnace, between 80-90%. A natural gas furnace could cost you 25% more than an oil furnace.

Electric furnace

An electric furnace is easy to install and could last up to 10 years. They are also the cheapest ones, with half the cost of a gas furnace. The electricity bill would be much higher though than gas. You’ll end up paying the difference with your monthly electricity bill.

Propane furnace

It is easily stored in tanks and is the byproduct of gas and oil production. It is a good choice if gas and oil aren’t easily available in your area. Almost 10% of American households use it. While installing a propane furnace, you can install a direct vent on an external wall easily.

They are further classified into:

Single-stage furnace

These furnaces have a single fan speed and are 80-95% fuel-efficient. They are quite useful for single-story buildings. It is still quite loud when operated. 

Two-stage furnace

A two-stage furnace would offer you two fan speeds and is usually 80-92% fuel-efficient. They always run at 60-100% BTU(British Thermal Units) capacity and equal heat dispersion. 

Three-stage variable speed furnace

A three-stage variable furnace gives you 80-95% fuel efficiency. Depending on the variable speed motor, they operate at 60% BTU capacity and could lead to 100%. They are also much quieter than single or two-stage furnaces. It would prove very beneficial for 2-3 story homes when you add more equipment. This furnace also includes heat pumps or air purification systems.

Modulating variable speed furnace

A modulating variable speed furnace would give you operational efficiency, silent operation, comfort levels, and uniform heat distribution. Their fuel efficiency is between 80-98% generally. 

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