The Best Tips to Maintain an Air Conditioner

The Best Tips to Maintain an Air Conditioner

Many homeowners bother about the performance of their AC all year. It gives them more reasons to panic when their AC fails suddenly and demands expensive repair. If you haven’t been in any such situation, or you have a new AC installed at your home, it’s better to know the best tips to maintain your AC. In this article, we will enlist some of the best practices of AC maintenance, which are certainly going to help you!

Top 5 Tips to Maintain an AC

Change the Air Filters

How often do you think it is better to change the air filters of your AC? It’s every month, if possible! During the summer months, your AC runs longer than the other months of the year. And the more your AC runs, the more prone are the air filters to get clogged with dust, dirt, and other debris. It is always better to clean them frequently if you are not willing to change them and they are in their working condition. But if the air filters have exceeded their lifespan and can’t be cleaned anymore, prefer changing them.

Clean the Condenser Unit Too

It is essential to clean the condenser unit of the AC too. The condenser unit or the outdoor unit of your air conditioner needs equal or more attention than your indoor unit. The outdoor unit can easily get clogged with leaves, dirt, grass, and other debris, which affects the efficiency of the system. Cleaning the outdoor unit more often and trimming the grasses and plants around the outdoor unit can reduce the frequency of clogging and prevent further clogging.

Schedule Professional AC Tune-Ups

You can call for an AC repair in Noblesville when your AC is not working correctly. But precaution is always better than cure, even for your AC. And tune-ups are precautionary measures to upkeep the health of your air conditioner and protect it from possible damages. Professionally done, AC tune-ups enhance your air conditioner’s efficiency and life, and save your pocket from sudden and pricey repairs.

Keep an Eye on The Refrigerant Level

Refrigerant is the coolant of your air conditioner, which aids in cooling your home. When the refrigerant level is lower than the standard, your AC fails to cool down your home as desired. But due to the consistent use of your air conditioner with a lower refrigerant level, your AC experiences workload and stress, leading to significant damage. Make sure that your refrigerant is not leaking, and if it is, we suggest you call for an AC contractor in Noblesville to solve it.

Check the Thermostat Setting

A wrongly set thermostat fails to maintain the desired temperature inside your house but can impact your AC in many ways. Don’t keep your thermostat set at incredibly low or extremely high temperatures. The lower is the temperature setting of your AC maintenance in Carmel, IN, the more energy it will consume. Keeping your AC at 72°F to 75°F maintains your air conditioner and protects it from overworking and damage.

Hope these tips to maintain AC will help you. At Dutch Heating and Cooling, LLC, we offer professional tune-up, installation, repair, and maintenance services. Call us at (317) 399-7839 to schedule an emergency repair whenever needed.

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