Things You Need To Be Aware Of Heating And Cooling

Things You Need To Be Aware Of Heating And Cooling

We don’t always have enough knowledge about our HVAC systems. When looking for HVAC companies in Noblesville and finally having the technician visit our house, we listen to him blankly without understanding what he says. Having the vocabulary to understand what your HVAC technician is talking about is always best to make the most out of their visit.

Here are some key factors you should also know so that you grasp the technical information of HVAC systems, and heater service in Noblesville and get the most out of a technician.

Inclusions of an HVAC system

Your main HVAC system also referred to as the furnace, has two major components. 

  • The first and the larger component is the furnace which includes the main blower, which circulates the air throughout your house. 
  • The second and the smaller component is the evaporator coil, responsible for regulating your house’s temperature.


Your indoor unit can have three types of flow; they are up-flow, downflow, or horizontal flow. These three are the flows in which the air moves in your house. 

  • In the up-flow system, the air enters your furnace from the downside and is pushed upward in the ductwork.
  • In the downflow system, the air enters your furnace from the top and is pushed downward in the ductwork. 
  • In the horizontal flow system, the air enters your furnace from one side and goes out from the other side of the furnace. 

Heat pumps

Heat pumps can heat your house to a specific temperature, and the heat is referred to as auxiliary heat. If you want to know whether you have a heat pump or not, you can either ask the technician or check if your condenser is working in winter or not. If it is working, then you do have a heat pump.

Common Misconceptions

Most people think that the blower works in the summer season to cool down the house, but this is not true. The blower sends the air to the evaporator coil when it either cools or warms up and is then blown into the house.

It is common to think that only the outer part, the furnace, is the only air conditioning part, but this is not true. Ensure that you service your evaporator coil regularly to ensure that it works well. Visit Dutch Heating and Cooling LLC; they provide the best service in terms of air conditioner repair in Noblesville.

If you wish to have an appointment to repair and service your AC, visit Dutch Heating and Cooling LLC. They are one of the best furnace repair Noblesville. They have years of experience and will ensure that your AC is repaired and maintained to perfection.

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