Staying Cool If Your Air Conditioning Unit Breaks Down During The Night

Staying Cool If Your Air Conditioning Unit Breaks Down During The Night

Staying Cool If Your Air Conditioning Unit Breaks Down During The Night

During the hot summer nights, there is nothing worse than trying to sleep without your AC turned on. Sticky and hot is one way of putting it. But don’t panic. We have some great tips to help you stay cool and get some sleep until a technician arrives. It won’t take long until a qualified contractor offering an AC repair in Noblesville is knocking at the door. We promise!

The Freezer Calls

The first thing you can do is take your sheets off the bed and head to the freezer. Nope, we aren’t joking. Put your sheets in the freezer for around ten minutes and when you take them out they will be perfect for you to lie on. You will cool down in no time.

Dig Out Your Hot Water Bottle

No, we haven’t gone insane, honestly. But if you have a hot water bottle simply fill it with ice and rest it against your body. It will work keeping the ice cool the same way as it keeps water hot. You are guaranteed to get a bit of rest and stay cool while waiting for AC repair service Fishers IN to arrive, honestly!

Do It Like The Egyptians

Calm down, this isn’t what you think. The so-called ‘Egyptian method’ is simply the way everyone stays cool in Egypt during the Summer. All you have to do is place a towel under freezing cold water and use it as a blanket. Within fifteen minutes your body temperature will have dropped and you will feel far more comfortable.

DIY Your Own AC Unit

Please stay with us, the heat hasn’t gone to our heads. We don’t mean you have to literally get out your tools and knock up an AC unit as we know it, we are talking about the old-fashioned way of doing it. All you need is a traditional fan and a roasting pan full of ice. Place the pan in front of the fan, then as the ice melts the fan will create a cold mist to blow gently over you.

Freeze Your Feet

Our feet have lots of sensitive nerve endings and pulse points in them and if the pulse points are kept cool our whole body feels cooler. So fill up a bowl with freezing ice and water and plunge those feet in. You might gasp for a few seconds but it’ll be worth it and pretty soon your HVAC companies Noblesville will be knocking on your door and your AC will be repaired in no time.

You can see that with a bit of ingenious thinking it is possible to stay cool while your air conditioning is out of action. Don’t leave it too late though before you contact a reputable company to help you out. Call (317) 399-7839 and let us help.

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