My AC Has Failed, How Do I Stay Cool until a New Unit is Installed?

My AC Has Failed, How Do I Stay Cool until a New Unit is Installed?

The rising summer temperature in Fishers can make your home uncomfortable to stay in during the day, especially when you do not have a functional air conditioner. While regular servicing and tune-up by a professional air conditioner repair Noblesville contractor can extend the durability of your unit, there will come a time when you just have to replace it. In most cases, homeowners tend to wait until their current air conditioners have failed completely for them to have new ones installed. At Dutch heating and Cooling, LLC, we have been in this business for a considerable period, during which we have offered our quality HVAC installation, maintenance, and repair services to thousands of residents.
If you think that your unit may break down during the summer, it is advisable to have a new one installed before the summer starts. There are many signs that can help you know when your AC is failing. For instance, a unit that is older than 12 years or required regular repair services for it to function is likely to break down during the summer. In other cases, a unit may fail unexpectedly during the warm summer days and require a replacement. Having to deal with a broken air conditioner during the summer is not only inconvenient; it will also affect the level of comfort in your home. Since the summer is a peak season for air conditioning contractors, you may have to wait for some time to have a professional HVAC technician replace your broken unit. The following tips will help you stay cool as you wait for your unit to be replaced:

Shut Down Home Devices that Emit Heat

Some home appliances, such as stoves, incandescent lights, and ovens, produce a certain amount of heat while running. Operating such an appliance while the AC is broken will lead to an increase in indoor temperature. As such, you should consider switching the heat-emitting appliance off as you wait for a professional air conditioner installer for AC installation in Carmel, IN. You may also need to keep the shutters and blinds closed during the day. This will cut off radiant heat from the sun.

Apply Evaporative Cooling

Evaporative cooling is a great way of regulating indoor temperature in your home during the summer as you wait for your AC to be fixed. This may be done in several ways; you may place wet sheets over open windows in your home. By so doing, the air coming into the house will evaporate the water in the wet sheet. This produces a cooling effect inside your home. If you have a working fan, you may also place some ice cubes in a bowl, position them in front of the fan and run it. This intervention will also offer a certain level of cooling in your home.

Getting a professional, skilled, and experienced contractor to replace your AC during the summer can be a daunting task. This is because the leading HVAC companies Noblesville are fully booked. With these tips, you will be able to stay cool as you wait for a technician to fix your AC problem. For swift, reliable and affordable air conditioner installation experts, call us today at (317) 399-7839.

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