Is Your Water Heater Making Noise? Here Is Why and How You Can Fix It?

Is Your Water Heater Making Noise? Here Is Why and How You Can Fix It?

Many homeowners in Noblesville, IN wonder if it is normal for their water heater to make noises. The answer is, Absolutely Not! Sometimes your water heater may make noises such as humming, popping, rumbling, or sizzling and may turn your shower time into a nightmare. So, what causes a water heater to make such noises? Well, most of the sounds coming out from your water heater point to a problem. As a result, you need to find the cause and prevent your device from facing further issues. We know this task can be frustrating. Thus, we provide a quick heater service to fix your water heater.

This article will help you find the reasons for a noisy water heater and let you know the right time to call us.

Top Reasons for a Noisy Water Heater 

Here are five common causes for a noisy water heater:

  • Your tank is containing mineral and sediment deposits
  • Poor water flow
  • Quick changes in water pressure
  • Problematic heating element

Tank Containing Sediments and Mineral Deposits 

If the water heater’s storage tank has accumulated debris, it will hold the water at the burner’s position, and when the unit tries to heat water, it will make a noise like a coffee maker. This noise happens because of the water bubbles that pass through the sediment layer. You need to call us for a water heater repair before the problem turns into a more significant issue.

Poor Water Flow 

If you have an inadequate water supply into the tank, you may hear a sizzling sound coming out from the heater. If you hear such a noise coming out from your device, switch off the power and the water supply and call Dutch Heating and Cooling LLC for quick heat pump service in Fishers, IN.

Meanwhile, you can look at the valves that control the water flow into the tank and ensure that you have opened all of them. These valves will release the water from the storage tank before our HVAC technician arrives at your place.

Frequent Changes in Water Pressure 

You may hear a ticking sound coming out from your water heater; the problem arises when the water pressure passing through the pipes are frequently changing. This sound comes out from the pipes in your building. When warm and cold-water pass through those pipes, the pipe’s diameter changes and hits the wooden frames resulting in a ticking sound. You can deal with this noise by decreasing the water pressure on your water heater.

Problematic Heating Element 

If your water heater is making humming noises, there must be some problem with your water heater’s heating elements. When cold water enters your heating device tank, the top part of the unit will shake and make a sound. The humming sound can be frustrating, but it does not wreck the inner components. Fixing the problem helps you to prevent broader issues. Call us to get a quick heating installation in Fishers and let us tighten all the heating elements.

Several reasons can create different noises in a tankless water heater, such as dirty inner components or a weak system. If you have a tankless system and want to know more about potential problems, talk to our water heater technician today. Contact us for furnace replacement Noblesville, IN.

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