Indoor Air Quality in Noblesville, IN

Indoor Air Quality in Noblesville, Fishers & Carmel, IN, and the Surrounding Areas

Indoor Air Quality in Noblesville, Fishers, Carmel, Cicero, McCordsville, Pendleton, Fortville, Ingalls, Lapel, Edgewood, Alexandria, Frankton, Sheridan, Lawrence, Zionsville, IN and Surrounding Areas

Have you thought about your home’s air quality recently? Most factors that affect air quality are invisible and odorless, so in many cases, there’s nothing to alert you to a problem. But circulating pollen, dust, pet dander, and other allergens can cause allergy symptoms or even asthma flare-ups. Here are a few simple tips you can implement in your own home to enjoy cleaner air in Noblesville, Fishers, and Carmel, IN and surrounding areas.

Control at the Source

  • If there’s an obvious source of poor air quality, such as a gas stove or asbestos, these should be addressed before implementing other measures.
  • Regular vacuuming and laundering of bedding, drapes, etc. can help control pet dander allergies.
  • Consider using dust mite-proof covers on pillows and mattresses.
  • Contact Dutch Heating and Cooling LLC so we can address your specific needs.

Improve Ventilation

  • Most home heating and cooling systems do not bring fresh air into your home – they simply circulate the air inside.
  • Natural ventilation (opening a door or window) brings fresh air inside, but can also bring in pollen or other allergens.
  • Newer systems do contain a mechanical device that brings fresh air indoors, known as “whole house ventilation” systems. Dutch Heating and Cooling LLC is experienced at installing these special systems – click here to learn more.

Air Purifiers

  • These products can help capture many of the allergens and particles in your home.
  • They can range from small “table-top” models to whole-house systems.
  • Most table-top models do not circulate air or collect pollutants efficiently enough to be effective, but whole house systems can make a huge difference.
There are many different strategies to improve the air quality in your home. Dutch Heating and Cooling LLC offers many services, including air purifier installation, air filter change-outs, and UV light installation, that can help you breathe easy. Contact us today and let us know what we can do to help!
  • Air Filters
  • Humidifiers
  • UV Lights
  • Whole House Air Purification
  • Whole Home Ventilation System
  • Air Purification
  • Air Purifier Installation
  • UV Light Installation
  • UV Light Replacement
Breathing quality indoor air is critical for good health. That’s why at Dutch Heating and Cooling we make it our mission to provide you the best Indoor Air Quality services and AC repair in Noblesville, Fishers & Carmel, IN and the Surrounding Areas.  Contact the professionals today! Schedule Your Service

Proud to be providing excellent Air Quality services in Noblesville, Fishers & Carmel, IN, and the Surrounding Areas. It’s our hometown and your comfort is our business. Contact us today.

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