Indications that Your Air Conditioner Needs Tender Loving Care

Indications that Your Air Conditioner Needs Tender Loving Care

Indications that Your Air Conditioner Needs Tender Loving Care

There are often times when your AC unit gives signals that indicate it will malfunction very soon. If you heed those signals and call in an HVAC companies Noblesville, IN to check out the unit, then you can avoid potentially huge repair costs. Some of the important signals that you need to watch out for include the AC emitting a burning smell or becoming too noisy.

Burning Smell

If you notice a strange burning smell originating from your air conditioner, then it may be an indication that the unit requires repairs. Even if there is no smoke emanating from the unit, it’s best if you call in a professional and let them inspect it. The two main reasons for burning smells are a faulty capacitor or dust accumulation within the system. Your AC equipment has a motor that is powered by a capacitor. If the capacitor breaks down for any reason, it will eventually affect the motor. For example, when there is a sudden power surge, then the capacitor can malfunction and it might split or leak oil. As such, the motor will be affected.

Since the capacitor has now become faulty, when the motor runs, it can overheat and emit a burning smell. If you allow the AC to continue to operate under such conditions, both the capacitor and the motor becomes damaged, and you will have to spend quite a lot on the repair works. Another situation when the AC emits a burning smell is when there is a heavy deposit of dust within the system. If you have not used your equipment for a long time, then the collected dust in the unit is burnt off when you switch on the AC. This is generally harmless, and there is nothing to panic about.

When the smell persists after a few minutes, you can take out the air filter and clean it. But, if the burning smell still continues, then you should definitely think of calling an HVAC contractor like Dutch Heating and Cooling LLC for top-notch AC repair in Fishers, and the surrounding regions.

Irregular or High-Pitched Noises

If you suddenly hear the air conditioner unit making strange rattling noises, it indicates that some parts of the system are beginning to get loose. The noise might come from a malfunction of the compressor or fan in the system.

If there is a high-pitched noise coming from inside the AC, quickly turn off the unit since it may indicate an internal pressure buildup within the system.

Keeping the unit running under such circumstances can turn out to be extremely dangerous. You’ll have to move quickly and resolve the problem by calling up professional HVAC service technicians, or you may end up spending lots on the subsequent repair works.

For air conditioner repair Noblesville, IN, and related checkups along with maintenance works, call Dutch Heating and Cooling LLC today on (317) 399-7839 or get in touch with us here.

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