Five signs your AC needs attention

Dutch Heating and Cooling LLC

We all want our homes to be comfortable and we all want to save our money. We all agree on that. Unfortunately, a lot of times those two desires can be in direct conflict. For example, before you had your AC installed, you wanted a comfortable home during the hot summers, but didn’t want to invest all the money in a new AC.

However, you’re probably glad you got it, and fortunately, sometimes making your life more comfortable can actually save you money as well. Heating and cooling repair service in Westfield, IN is one of these wonderful ways. If your AC unit isn’t running at its best, you are probably wasting money on utility bills and also not receiving the full cooling power you’re paying for.

If you suspect that your AC might not be working quite as well as it used to, here are five things you can check for in your home to assess whether or not it’s time to call a professional heater repair in Westfield, IN.

Poor airflow

If your AC is on but airflow from your vents is weak or imperceptible, something is wrong. A properly maintained AC will pump cold air into your house with a bit of umph and if you can’t feel it, there’s probably something wrong. It’s likely that you’re paying a lot of money to cool down air that’s never even entering your house. It’s as wasteful as it sounds.

Water where it shouldn’t be

If you see water collecting in pools on the floor around your AC unit or anywhere else in the room where your AC unit lives, then you should call Dutch Heating and Cooling. We’ll look inside your AC to clear the problem up right away before it causes any serious damage to your unit.

Strange noises

This is a no brainer, while your AC might humm nicely when it is working at full load, it should never make grinding, squeaking or clunking sounds. Any strange noises coming from your AC should be investigated immediately. Don’t try taking the thing apart on your own either, that is not only unlikely to help, but it could cause further problems that you don’t know how to fix.

Thermostat problems

It can be hard to tell if your thermostat isn’t working. But if your house seems to fluctuate in temperature, not cool down or not heat up, you may have a problem with your thermostat. If you have any reason to believe this might be the case. Get it serviced right away. You could be wasting serious money on an AC unit that is going completely haywire.

Strange smells

If your house is filled with strange smells or if there are strange smells around your AC unit in particular, you should call us right away. This might not only be a sign of repairs needed, but a potential health hazard to you and your family as well. If your AC is breaking down and filling your house with chemicals or fumes, you should get out of the house as quickly as possible and give us a call.

Any of these warning signs are serious and should not be ignored. Call Dutch Heating and Cooling today at (317)399-7839. We are the fastest and most reliable heater service Noblesville, and Westfield, IN. We’ll make sure that your AC repair Noblesville is back to normal in no time.