Ductwork and Furnace Sounds that You Should Worry About

Ductwork and Furnace Sounds that You Should Worry About

Ductwork and Furnace Sounds that You Should Worry About

While there are various HVAC problems that need to be checked by a skilled heating and cooling repair service Carmel, IN contractor, abnormal sounds coming from the furnace and or the ductwork are some of the most alarming HVAC problems for many homeowners today. Again, not all ductwork and furnace sounds are signs of a problem in the system. Therefore, you need to have all the new and abnormal sounds coming from your HVAC system inspected by a professional, such as the ones we have at Dutch Heating and Cooling, LLC. Incase you need furnace replacement in Carmel, IN, visit the website.

If you hear such sounds coming from your HVAC system, you should give us a call as soon as possible to troubleshoot the system and repair the problem. Regardless of the heating and cooling system you have installed in your home, the following are some of the commonest sounds that may be produced by your HVAC system.

Popping Noises

This is a common observation by many homeowners in Carmel, IN whenever their HVAC system is running. This noise often originates from the ductwork when the pressure in the ducts is higher than the pressure the ducts are designed to handle. The popping sound is produced as the ducts expand to accommodate the increased pressure. Popping sounds may also occur as a result of temperature differences in the ductwork. While this does not signify a problem in your HVAC, you may call us to inspect the system if you find the sound bothersome.

Whistling Sound

If you hear whistling noises coming from your HVAC, you need to call qualified technician for heating installation in Fishers professionals immediately. This sound is mostly as a result of air leakages in your system, which will definitely affect its efficiency and increase energy consumption by the HVAC system. Air leaks may be caused by cracks in the ductwork or installation of wrong-sized ducts. With our years of experience and skills in repair and maintenance of HVAC systems, we should identify the leaking point and repair it to eliminate the noise and make your HVAC system more efficient.

Ductwork and Furnace Sounds that You Should Worry About

Strange Sounds after Cleaning

A considerable number of homeowners have approached us to examine and remedy strange sounds coming from their HVAC companies Noblesville, IN after the system had been cleaned. Normally, this should not concern you as it is a way of the system adjusting to improved efficiency. The accumulation of dirt and debris in the vents and ducts affect air flow through the ducts and vents. Once cleaned, the system is able to deliver optimal performance and consume less energy. As a result, the HVAC will pump more pressure into the ductwork. It is this increased pressure that may be causing the noise.

Although some noises in the furnace and ductwork may not be signs of a problem in the system, it is highly advisable to consult the experts the moment you notice new and strange sounds and noises being produced by your HVAC. In addition to hiring us for heater repair Noblesville, IN work, you can also benefit from your expert advice on such issues by calling us on (317) 399-7839.

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