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Central HVAC Systems in Noblesville, Fishers & Carmel, IN, and the Surrounding Areas

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Dutch Heating And Cooling

HVAC systems are necessary for every home to provide comfort and relief from unpredictable weather. New technology models are available in the market that are efficient, affordable, and save energy. Still, central HVAC systems are the best to provide comfort services to massive residential and commercial plots.

Central HVAC Systems are also Called Forced Air Systems.

A forced-air system is a type of distribution method in which an HVAC system circulates the air inside the residence. It consists of an air handler that forces the processed air to travel through the ducts to cool or warm the room temperature.

Central HVAC systems use ducts to transport the processed air to different parts of the residence. Since the central HVAC system uses supply and returns vents to circulate the air, they are also forced air systems.

According to experts in AC replacement in Fishers, IN, there are two types of central HVAC systems:

  • Split-system central AC system

Split-system contains two cabinets – outdoor and indoor. An outdoor cabinet stores and manages the functioning of the outdoor heat exchanger, fan, and compressor. The indoor cabinet stores an indoor heat exchanger, furnace, and blower.

  • Packaged central AC system

In the packaged central AC system, all the essential components like the blower, heat exchanger, compressor, and blower are located next to the residence on a slab. With the help of supply and return vents, the house interior is connected with the HVAC system.

Essential Things to Remember While Installing a Central AC System

Here are some things that you should notice whether your central AC maintenance in Carmel, IN, technician follows or not during installation:

  • Leaves adequate indoor space for performing installation, maintenance, and repair services.
  • Ensure the technician instals the ducts in the conditioned space where you require cooling services.
  • Remember to cover the duct system with proper insulation and seal the ducts with duct mastic.
  • You should install the outdoor unit in an empty, clear space where no object can obstruct its functionality.
  • Another essential thing to notice is to check that the central HVAC system in Noblesville uses the same refrigerant and airflow pressure described by the manufacturer.

It is Time to Upgrade Your Central Heating or Cooling Unit.

Because of the ducts, people prefer to buy ductless AC units over central HVAC systems. Ducts can reduce the efficiency and service quality by 30%. Moreover, the central HVAC system consumes around 2,000kW-hours of electricity leading to the emission of carbon dioxide and sulfur in massive quantities.

  • The airflow from the vents decreases, or warm air blows through the vents in the summer season.
  • Less responsive to the thermostat’s changes.
  • Strange and loud noise when you switch on the HVAC system.
  • Massive leakage or deteriorating condition of the duct system.
  • Frequent repair calls to the central HVAC technician in Noblesville.


Central HVAC systems work perfectly to consume minimum electricity or fuel if properly maintained. Call Dutch Heating and Cooling to keep your central HVAC system in the best condition and provide you with a better installation of the heater in Noblesville, IN.