Air Conditioning Maintenance Noblesville, IN


No matter how old or young it is, an air conditioner system, like all machines, needs regular maintenance to operate properly and efficiently. You maintain your car to keep it running longer. So regular air conditioning checkups also will extend the useful life of your unit and save on costly repairs or replacement.

What to Expect

When you contract with HVAC professionals, such as those at Dutch Heating and Cooling LLC, you should expect them to come prepared with a long checklist of items to inspect and clean. Following the maintenance check, you should receive a detailed list of the work performed during the session. Anything less will be doing a disservice to you and your air conditioner.

AC maintenance in Carmel, IN residents can rely on what would include such items as inspecting and cleaning the condenser unit, checking refrigerant levels, inspecting the condensate drain line, ensuring proper thermostat operation, monitoring electrical components, inspecting the wiring, testing the safety controls, testing the capacitors, checking the motor bearings, changing or checking filters and ensuring that the components at the furnace that affect the air conditioning are working properly and so on.

During the general maintenance work, your technician should keep an eye out for and take note of any parts that may soon need replacing. The technician should confer with you about specific recommendations on the care of your cooling unit and about procedures you can do to conserve energy and save money.

How Often Should You Service Your AC Unit?

Manufacturers, engineers and HVAC experts agree that for optimal results and reliable operation, air conditioners should be inspected and cleaned annually. They recommend performing the maintenance as soon as the weekly average temperature reaches 65-70 degrees Fahrenheit so that the unit will be ready for the heavy usage of summer.

For prompt and reliable AC repair Noblesville homeowners have made their number one choice; contact the pros at Dutch Heating and Cooling LLC. Depend on our staff of experts to keep you comfortable throughout the year.

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