4 Good Things to Know Before Installing a New Air Conditioning System

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Installing a new air conditioning unit is a substantial investment and should be done the right the first time. Learning a few general things about how AC systems work and what is involved in installing them, is a good place to start. Dutch Heating and Cooling LLC is a reputable company consisting of highly qualified people and is a superb choice for air conditioner repair in Noblesville.

How do air conditioners work?

Air conditioners use the concept of refrigeration to cool the air within a room or building in relation to the air outside. This involves a process called phase conversion, where a liquid compound is repeatedly converted into gas within a closed system of coils. This process has the characteristic of extracting heat from the surrounding environment, and with the aid of pump systems, warm air is guided to the coil system while cooler air is made to flow back into the room.

Air conditioners also measure and regulate air temperature, and can be set to any desired temperature within a given range. Air conditioners also extract humidity from the air, in addition to filtering out airborne particles.

 Energy efficiency is a key term

The energy efficiency rating of a unit is determined by the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER), which is a standard of measurement used to indicate the ratio of cooling relative to the amount of power used, when a unit is utilized over a period of normal use. The higher the value of this ratio, the cheaper it will be to cool the building or room in question. The United States government sets requirements for minimum SEER values for new air conditioners, and these values are periodically increased.

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Size is important

Choosing the correct size unit for the size of your home or business is important, in order to ensure that it is running at its most efficiency. Load calculations should be performed by a qualified HVAC contractor in order to determine the optimal size and type of unit for your location. An expert will also take into account climate, expected frequency of use, and how well your building is insulated. Your contractor can also provide you with updated information on the different types of systems currently available on the market, as well as additional options you can choose from in an AC system.

Proper maintenance will save money

Once you are up and running with a shiny new AC system, it is important to put a maintenance plan into action. Periodical checks and filter changes by a professional, or even a skilled amateur, will ensure that your system lasts longer, and will also work effectively and efficiently over time, saving both on energy costs and on larger repairs later on. If an AC system is not maintained, you may not notice any difference in performance for a long while, but as waste builds up and individual components become worn, this can put stress on the system as a whole, and eventually, you can end up with multiple component breakdown, and an urgent need for extensive repairs. This can be costly, and can also bring periods of downtime while you wait for parts to be delivered. Therefore, having periodic system checks by a professional is highly recommended.

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