3 Factors to Consider When Choosing an Air Conditioning Unit

You’re already going to spend a significant amount of money on a new air conditioning unit. You might as well make an informed decision based on your cooling needs before you start shopping. This is especially true when you’re buying from a non-specialized retail store. An air conditioner repair in Noblesville can be an overwhelming process. It doesn’t have to be.

The Big Three

There are three factors to consider above all others when making the jump. You want to look at the AC unit’s power, energy efficiency, and noise. There are many kinds of air conditioning units that can fulfill your cooling needs, but you should be able to narrow down the ones which can work the best for you. Picking from a small selection at the end will make choosing one a much easier process.


The capacity of an air conditioner is a measure of the maximum rate at which it can remove heat from a closed space. This is usually expressed in BTUs or British Thermal Units. Depending on how much area is going to be cooled, there is a recommended number of BTUs for every square footage. Kitchen footage, because of its nature, is recommended to have a slightly higher number of BTUs when considered.

It’s best when your AC unit runs for longer periods of time. This doesn’t mean that having an AC unit that never stops is the best. This actually means that you needed more power, to begin with. On the other end, having a super-powerful AC unit that stops and starts often is not the best option either. You want those longer operating cycles to be able to decrease humidity levels. When the humidity is kept at bay, air quality and comfort immediately become better. So you have to find an AC unit whose power is just right for you. Incase you need AC maintenance in Carmel, IN, visit the website.

Energy Efficiency

The following point is how much actual work or performance is achieved with a specific amount of energy. The EnerGuide labels on every air conditioning unit will give you information on this. Every unit has a Season Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER): the higher the rating, the less energy your device will consume. When choosing between any two appliances with very similar features, this number comes very much in handy.

Noise Levels

This is the final aspect to consider. You want to make sure your AC unit complies with your building or municipality regulations.

Of course, a lower price point might be also a decisive factor when making your final choice. Another great tip is to make it a priority to shop for your air conditioning unit during the off-season. This will give you the advantage of having options, less pressure to purchase at the moment, and finding out information about your unit’s warranty.

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